Repurchase plan is a purely product/service selling MLM plan. It is a product/service selling motivational MLM plan in which each affiliate or member promoter their downline to sale of products/services and gets level income on particular level achievement and Reward on particular target achievement.
One of the most successful and widely used MLM Plan in Domestic as well as International market. Many big organizations and big brands like AmWay, RCM, Swadeshi, Tupperware, Oriflame, are using Repurchase MLM Plan successfully over years Best Suitable for any company or manufacturer of Consumer products.

How MLM Repurchase Plan Works?

He MLM Repurchase Plan is based upon promoting and selling products and services offered by a company. Members and distributors of the plan help the company to promote and sell their products and services, and get compensated for their hard work. The commission is based upon a certain percentage of the cost of the product or service. Therefore, the earning potential of this plan is unlimited. Someone with great marketing skills may make millions of dollars a month by working, and may live a lavish lifestyle.

At the same time, the company that provides products and services get extra benefits with the help of this plan, because it does not have to spend anything for marketing and can still earn big in profits. All it takes is powerful software equipped with the features and capabilities of managing the process, and the benefits are shared for everyone.

Our Repurchase Plan MLM Software Consists following facilities

MLM Website : Professional, Great looking and Fully functional Dynamic MLM Website as per your Matrix MLM Plan.

Admin Panel : having all the features & reports, such as, Product Management, Member Management, Pin Generation & Transfers, e-pin & e-wallet facility, Commission Calculations, pay out details, Franchisee management, Sending Bulk SMS, Purchase report, lead generation report, Down-line Member Report, Genealogy, Tree View, TDS report, and many more

User Panel : having all the required facilities like personal profile page with Photo, welcome letter, genealogy, e-wallet facility, purchase history, down-line management, and many more….