About Unilevel MLM Plan

Many of the users think that this is a one level plan due to the title but it’s not, in fact, this plan involves two to ten levels in depth. One can add “unlimited members” in the first level and increase the width. The distributors can easily earn amazing results as the unilevel plans are attractive and easy for the companies. The user can earn returns as recruiting a large group of members to the downline is easy and the growing downline allows distributors to earn amazing profits. .

How does Unilevel MLM Software works?

The Unilevel MLM software plan supports people in sponsoring till the nth level. The first level members can add members to the downline and earn an unlimited bonus. This particular MLM plan helps to make use of one’s network for a high earning possibility and thereby becoming beneficial. There won’t be a spill over process like the matrix plan as the width offered is enormous. The plan comes with a crystal clear concept and one can build a huge network and with the help of each member’s contribution the network is just like an infinite loop. .

Advantage of Unilevel MLM Software

A distributor can have unlimited sub-distributors. Each sub-distributors can have unlimited distributors under them. Like this MLM Unilevel pan is limit less plan in Multi Level Marketing. It is very easy to understand and easy to operate. The compensation calculations are less complex and distributors have the opportunity of getting unlimited earning. The MLM software has key role in managing Unilevel MLM plan. An efficient and accurate software solution is helpful to manage the Unilevel MML business effortlessly. The accuracy and computation power of a software is big factor when the business grows. With the help of a full featured Unilevel MLM software, the business team can grow their business to enterprise level. The transparency and real time result will build the customer trust and brings higher customer satisfaction. .

Unilevel Compensation Plan Commissions

There are special compensation features in which the plan usually includes roll-ups, x-up or infinity bonus. The perfect unilevel plan MLM software allows the higher level distributor earn amazing returns.

Sponsor Bonus

Level Commissions

Fast Start Bonus

Rank Advancement Bonus

Leadership Bonus Pool

Coded bonus

Sponsor bonus

Just like other MLM compensation plans bonuses, is mostly used in Unilevel MLM Software to motivate distributors to promote business to members.

Level Commissions

A type of Commission gained from the sales achieved by the down level distributors. Unilevel Plan has unlimited direct downlines in the first level, and each downline members can have unlimited downlines under them. This Unilevel Plan makes unlimited commissions from sales by the members till nth level.

Unilevel MLM plan companies have different strategies to make their distributors happy by giving tremendous opportunities to earn unlimited income. This Unilevel Plan will help long term stability of MLM business also helps the wider reach of company reputation.

Fast Start Bonus

Some Unilevel Compensation plan companies introduce “Fast Start Bonuses” as the starter benefits to newly joined distributors. The Fast start Bonuses will be given to the distributors when they have achieved the target within a particular period.

Some companies will organize sales campaigns to boost the sales and the distributors will get the achievement bonuses when they meet the sales target in those particular campaigns.

The Fast Start bonus calculation criteria may vary from company-to-company. The accuracy, speed, and reliability of Unilevel MLM software will help the business team to identify, and grant Fast Start bonuses to the eligible distributors. Epixel Unilevel MLM software is flexible to handle any rules to calculate the Fast Start Bonuses.

Rank advancement bonus

“Rank advancement bonuses” are also a common compensation in most of the Unilevel MLM Software. This bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher level or rank. This achievement will be a one-time bonus. Some Unilevel MLM Plan companies have rank maintenance criteria. So the rank may get downgraded if a distributor does not meet the level hierarchy standards.

Performance Allowances

Based on the performance of the distributor, the business may introduce some additional allowances to them. These bonuses include House Rent Allowances, Higher Education Allowances, Car Maintenance Allowances, Child Education Allowances, Leave Travel Allowances, etc. Epixel Unilevel MLM Software is featured to accommodate all these allowances, where the business team can turn it on-or-off whenever needed.

Leadership Bonus Pool

The top ranked people of Unilevel MLM Compensation plans is eligible for additional benefits. To maintain the high leadership morale, most of the MLM companies will provide the leadership pool bonuses to the top-level leaders. The leadership pool will be a certain percentage of the yearly or quarterly sales. The portion of the leadership pool distributed to the top-level leaders based on their performance.

Coded Bonus

Coded Bonus is a motivational bonus in the MLM companies. This the additional or add-on bonuses where the distributors will earn the bonuses based on the coded relation between the distributors. The codes relationship is identified based on different rules. These rules are different from one company-to-another. Epixel has given an opportunity enable or disable the coded bonuses from the Unilevel back-office software.